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The Environment

We’re on a mission to become carbon neutral across all areas of our business.

So, we can support our clients’ CSR targets and help the environment.

Reusing unwanted goods is a highly efficient way to recycle products, components and packaging. However, if anything is deemed Beyond Economic Repair (BER), our recycling partners will process them and provide a certificate of destruction as well as an authorisation of WEEE. We keep these documents on file, in case our clients need them in the future.


With the UK on track to become the top generator of e-waste per capita in the world in 2024, it’s time for manufacturers and retailers to rethink their approach to electronics.

 In recent years global consumers have unconsciously adopted a fast fashion-type attitude to consumer electronics. Many people demand the latest tech and have little regard for their old gadgets.

 But, by doubling the working life of products, we have the power to slash e-waste by over 50%. Electronics must be designed for durability, easy disassembly, repair, and parts replacement if we are to have a
meaningful impact on e-waste volumes.

 Currently, for many retailers and manufacturers circular practices are less commercially viable than creating entirely new products from virgin materials. Without making refurbishing and recycling electronics a profitable practice for manufacturers, there will be no improvement to the current status quo. It is time sustainability was put at least on par with profits.

 By working with a repair and refurbishment partner, retailers and manufacturers can ensure that both sustainability and revenue are maximised.


As part of our mission to drive transformative change in the electronics industry, we have founded CLEAR- Circular Leadership for Electronics and Recycling.

CLEAR- Circular Leadership for Electronics and Recycling 

The industry trade body acknowledges the substantial environmental impact of the electronics industry. It is dedicated to advocating for circular solutions that prioritise material reduction, reuse, and recycling.

CLEAR advises and supports its members on their sustainability journey. It promotes industry innovation and new ways of working, sharing learning and experience, enhancing efficiency through collaboration, and working to reduce regulation constraints.

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