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Repair & Refurb

We specialise in providing repairs for in-warranty (direct from consumer), out-of-warranty and returned products for many global brands, including Kitchen Aid, Glenn Dimplex & BOSCH.

Last year, our Electronic Repair & Refurbishment team restored 310K items, including TVs, white goods, HVAC, appliances, tech, electric scooters and power tools. Plus, non-electrical goods, including personal-care items and perishables.

Our six Rs

Build your business with our modular services. Learn how we
Refurbish, Repair, Rework, Recycle, Resell and facilitate Returns for your products.


We have the agility to transport and fix goods in our refurbishing centre or dispatch a discreet team to support you from your warehouse.


Prevent your fixable products from going to landfill with Trojan. Our expert engineers can repair all electrical items – directly from your customer or retailer – harvesting spare parts from  BER (beyond economical repair) products to repair other units, and then recycle the nonreusable waste componants.


Our electrical and F-gas-registered engineers process over 310K items annually. We tailor workflows to each series of goods, allowing us to adapt every facet of our service to your company’s requirements.


Reduce your company’s carbon footprint with our closed-loop system. Our engineers dismantle goods on-site, and then our sister company, AREERA, recycles individual components using artificial intelligence.


Reverse logistics processing direct from consumer, retailer stores or your DC. 100% triaging and testing. Grading, repairs and box swaps to maximise sales recovery.


We’ve developed strong relationships with eBay and negotiated great rates and carrier fees. This allows us to promote and sell your restored goods on our online marketplaces with lower overheads than traditional online stores, returning more to you than jobber or auction.

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