We repair and refurbish over 600,000 items each year from a diverse range of product categories. This includes large kitchen appliances, TVs, small domestic appliances, air conditioning, computing, gaming, mobiles phones, power tools, health and beauty, fashion and furniture. By partnering with some of the worlds’ largest manufacturers, OEM’s, FMCG retailers and independent design houses, we can deliver exceptional solutions. Our team has the flexibility to scale on demand, while our software is compatible with any product category. This allows us to share cost-effective solutions with speed and transparency.

We have three refurbishment categories:

Repair & refurb

Our team have the specialist knowledge to fix faulty units on time and on budget. While our purpose-built software records every product we repair and refurbish. We offer:

  • Warranty repairs and management including a swap out facility

  • Goods in, WIP and full stock reporting

  • More ‘new’ products recovered from returns

  • Spare parts procurement and supply

  • Opportunity to sell product on via our ecommerce facility

  • IT and AV product refurbishment and repair

  • Returns management and reporting

  • Discrete product disposal

  • TV assembly, test and packaging

  • Direct store returns management including direct collection from your retailers


While manufacturers and importers take the utmost care creating or transporting goods, problems can occur. We developed Rework to limit our clients’ returns by swiftly fixing or improving new products. Our team has the flexibility to grow and shrink on demand, and when necessary, work 24-hour days. We deliver:

  • New product re-works, repairs and modifications

  • Component level repairs

  • Relabelling

  • Repackaging

  • Firmware changes

Data cleanse & recycle

As an Authorised Approved Treatment Facility (AATF), we help clients to comply with strict EU legislation. We track, report and safely destroy the data from a range of technologies, including computers, notebooks, servers and mobile phones. Then, we return, sell or donate the wiped units. We offer:

  • Certified data destruction

  • Onward sales channels for cleansed tech

  • Full certified audit trail of waste disposal

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